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The natural Cola.   


This well-known combination of coca leaf with kola nut gives way to a lemony and tangy finish.


This product is only available with a PG/VG rate of 60/40.


Recycled plastic bottle (PET1) of 10 ml of e-liquid developed in our laboratory in Cestas (33)

Cola by vincent e-liquids in vapes 10ml

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    - Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, OF PE quality (European pharmacopee),

    - Exclusively natural food flavourings produced according to the requirements of our specifications. They contain no sugar or gum.

    - Alcohol (5.7% Vol., support of our natural aromas) and ultra-pure water (Milli-Q),

    - Possibly pure liquid vapological nicotine, manufactured in France by VDLV, of PE quality, extracted from tobacco leaves. This is regularly analysed in purity and concentration thanks to our in-house analysis (HPLC chromatography and gas/mass spectrometer), and compared to standards provided by accredited laboratories.



    Our e-liquids are packaged in polyethylene terephthalate plastic bottles (without bisphenol), recycled (PET1), with a capacity of 10ml, with a dropper, an inviolability ring and a child safety cap (ISO 83 17).

    In accordance with European law, each bottle has a personalized labeling mentioning the design and name of the flavour, the composition of the e-liquid, the nicotine level, the name, the company's e-commerce address and website, the optimal use-by date and the lot number. For nicotine e-liquids, a regulatory pictogram, cautionary advice and a "Danger" touch sticker for visually impaired people are placed on the vial.

    Recycling BOTTLES:
    The logo affixed below our empty packaging, indicates that once rinsed with water, they are recyclable.


    Our e-liquids are regularly analysed with the constant concern for optimal traceability and safety (microbiological analyses and chemical analyses: nicotine and impurities, aromatic spectrum, absence of formaldehydes, acetaldehydes, parabens).

    All of our e-liquids comply with XP-D90-300 Part 2 (diacetyl rate well below 22 ppm) and for constant safety reasons, we also monitor levels of acetyle propionyl, hexane 2.3 dione and acetoin).



    nicotine vapologique en savoir plusLearn more about vapological nicotine made in France by VDLV
    pictogramme exclamationHarmful warning if swallowed. Keep children out of reach. If swallowed: call a poison control centre or a doctor.
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    The natural acidity of our Cola e-liquid can weaken certain types of thermoplastic tanks, and silicone joints. Prolonged use can cause thermoplastic materials to dilate and turn yellow.

    Data sheet

    • Origin


    • Ratio PG/VG

      60 PG / 40 VG

    • Type flacon


    • Conditionnement

      10 ml