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Peach - Nectarine - Yogurt


A creamy yoghurt enhanced by the slight acidity of a peach and nectarine.


Recycled plastic bottle (PET1) of 20 ml of concentrated aroma developed in our laboratory in Pessac (33) -


Beware, this is a concentrated aroma, it is not consumable as it is and must be diluted in a PG/VG base.

Aroma Creamy Peach by cirkus 10ml


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    At VDLV, in order to ensure the safety of our consumers, we have established a very strict specifications for the choice of our aromas:

    • Food-quality aromas in liquid, natural form (natural preparations or arômatizing substances), soluble in propylene glycol.
    • Flavouring flavouring flavourings must be formulated in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1334/2008 and must meet the requirements for heavy metal limit concentrations.
    • We use as possible supports for aromas: PE or USP quality propylene glycol, non-pharmaceutical and undenatured food grade alcohol (with ethanol <40%vol.), PE or USP-grade vegetable glycerin.
    • We control the absence of the following compounds in our aromas: Added sugars, parabens, ambrox, gums (xantane, acacia...), mineral or vegetable oils, ionized products, dietary supplements, medicines and active ingredients, preservatives that release formaldehyde, acrolein, furfural.
    • As soon as the aromas are received, we analyse internally by chromatographic methods the following compounds (with proven or uncertain toxic potential), to check for their absence or presence as traces : acetyle propionyl, acetoin, 2-3 hexane dione, food allergens, limonene, coumarin, pulegone, linalool, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, alpha and beta thujones, cinnamaldehyde, farnesol, citral, 4-menthoxybenzyl alcohol, 2-benzyliliden heptal.
    • We also analyze the presence and levels of nicotine and tobacco alkaloids present in a tobacco-based flavouring or flavouring mixture, as well as the presence and concentration of essential oil in an aroma.
    • We avoid pure natural extracts that have not been treated beforehand by water/alcohol "washes" or re-enactment sequences.

    The concentrated aromas offered by VDLV have the same quality and compositional requirements as those used in the manufacture of our e-liquids.

    For more details, please check out our Security Data Sheets (SDSs), available on request.



    - Natural and synthetic food aromas of vapological quality. They contain no sugar or gum.

    - Alcohol (22.2% Vol., support of our natural aromas). The following Cirkus flavours contain: Absinthe Apple, Red Absinthe, Red Fruits, Fruity Pamp, Lemon Ice, Mint Chloro, Pina Strawberry, Coco Cream, Creamy Peach, Custard Strawberry, El Nougat, Sun Time.

    - PE quality propylene glycol (European Pharmacopeia) as the basic medium of aroma.



     Our concentrated aromas are not consumable as they are, they must be diluted in a base.

    For 10ml of e-liquid, we recommend dilution

    - 10% of the total volume (about 30 drops) on a PG/VG basis of 70/30.

    -       15% of the total volume (about 45 drops) on a PG/VG basis of 50/50.

    - 20% of the total volume (about 60 drops) on a PG/VG basis of 30/70.



    Eccentric concentrated aromas are packaged in polyethylene terephthalate plastic bottles (without bisphenol), recycled (PET1), with a capacity of 20ml, with a dropper, an inviolability ring and a child safety cap (ISO 83 17).

    In accordance with European law, each bottle has a personalized labeling including the name of the flavour, the composition of the product, the company's name, address and website, the optimal use-by date and the lot number.



    We advise you to keep these aromas out of the light, in a dry and temperate place out of the reach of children and animals.

    Data sheet

    • Origin


    • Saveur


    • Type flacon


    • Conditionnement


    • Maturation

      3 -7 jours.

    • Dosage conseillé

      10 - 15%

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